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Efficiency, Safety, Sustainability - All Encapsulated in One Remarkable Cylinder

At KonveGas Composites Industries, we're redefining the standards of compressed natural gas (CNG) storage with our revolutionary Type 4 CNG Cylinders. Our commitment to innovation meets the imperatives of sustainability, resulting in a game-changing solution for CNG storage that's setting a new industry benchmark.

Why Choose Our Type 4 CNG Cylinders?

The Featherweight Champion with Unrivaled Strength

Safety Is Our Prime Directive

A Sustainable Choice

Customization for Your Unique Needs

Reliability Meets Efficiency

Eco Friendly

KonveGas Type 4 CNG Cylinders are a sustainable, high-performance, and forward-thinking choice for a greener planet. Help us make the planet greener by switching to KonveGas Cylinders today.

Download Product Information

23L Type 4 CNG Datasheet

32L Type 4 CNG Datasheet

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